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Earth Yoga Village

Earth Yoga Village

Wellness Resorts
  • Goa, India

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  • Spa
  • Wellness
  • Yoga


Earth Yoga Village lives by the motto ‘Live the Life you Love & Love the Life you Live’. And we invite you to join in.  

Feeling stuck in that rat race or like life is flying by too fast? Our village is that small peaceful haven you crave, your go-to oasis to escape the mayhem of our modern lives. It’s a place that allows you to reconnect with the magic that lies within you and to relax. The serene setting and quiet location by the beach as well as the simple but complete and eco-friendly amenities of Earth Yoga Village let you surrender fully to just being. Being present is one of the major challenges in our fast-paced world and we offer everything you need to do exactly that.

We inspire personal growth through yoga, food, wellness, philosophy and the unique spirit of the Earth Yoga Village community. 

From November to April you can enjoy daily yoga classes, meditation, wellness treatments and healthy nutritious food in our café. If you are ready for a deeper immersion we also offer yoga teacher trainings, retreats and workshops. Everything on our programme is based on healing and harmonizing body, mind and soul. Our focus is to bring you peace, wellness and happiness and we are dedicated to helping you love the life you live. 

We welcome everyone into our family with open arms and make you feel at home. Our spontaneous, refreshing and open-minded attitude will leave you feeling relaxed and free. Earth Yoga Village is not only for yogis and yoginis, but for everyone that is looking for a peaceful and homey place to enjoy nature, community and the benefits of traditional healing methods. Regardless of what your own personal motivation is for joining us; whether it is to reinvent your life or simply take a break, we aim to make your stay in India relaxing, inspiring and a fulfilling memorable experience.