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Hotel Satelit Wellness & Spa

Hotel Satelit Wellness & Spa

Wellness Resorts
  • Námestie J. Murgaša 3 921 01 PIEŠŤANY

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  • Spa
  • Wellness
  • Yoga



Satelit Hotel***
is situated in hearth of spa town Piešťany. It is located near to pedestrian zone and city centre, close to Spa Island. Thanks to its location hotel offers perfect accessibility for pedestrians and vehicles as well.

With its equipment, services and location hotel is able to satisfy client´s needs from business man, tourists, to organizers of different kind of meetings, education trainings, seminars, presentations and business meetings.

Sauna world

The healing effects of the sauna have been known since time immemorial. The hot air in the sauna causes sweating and secretion of harmful substances, opens the pores of the skin, improves blood circulation, elasticity and appearance. It speeds up metabolism, acts anti-inflammatory, bactroid and kills the mites that live on the human body (by the way, only twice in your life is your body completely rid of mites when you are born and when you go out of the sauna), thanks to which the sauna also helps against various allergies, eczema , yeast and fungal infections, acne and skin diseases. It has proven therapeutic effects in asthma, inflammation and airway allergies. At the same time it works soothing and relaxing.

Infrasauna - the body is heated inside it at an optimum temperature of 40 - 60 ° C. Infrared heat ensures that the harmful substances stored under the skin dissolve and swell out of the body.

The dry (Finnish) sauna has a lower humidity and a temperature of 95 to 105 ° C. Releases musculoskeletal muscles. High air temperature helps the body to soothe and the body releases toxic substances. After immortality, the immune system is strengthened.

The steam sauna has a beneficial effect on the airways, especially after the addition of an inhalation essence. At 47 to 55 ° C, it releases respiratory and skin pores.