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Hotel Tylosand Wellness & Spa

Hotel Tylosand Wellness & Spa

Wellness Resorts
  • Hotel Tylösand, Tylöhusvägen 28, 302 73 Halmstad, Sweden

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  • Spa
  • Wellness
  • Yoga


Welcome to Hotel Tylösand
Sweden’s most majestic beach. Taste sensations to remember.  Beautifully designed rooms. World-class art wherever you go. And inspiring meeting points everywhere. Welcome to our place. Be Inspired.

Two stories of SPA feelgood
Indulge yourself with two stories of sheer delight. Fabulous views, inspiring music and feelgood in every fibre. You simply won’t find anything like it.

Creative conferences
We love when people, ideas and new possibilities meet. That’s why we love helping you create the best possible arrangement. Talk to us.

Hotel with room for the soul
We’ve got 230 rooms waiting to greet you with stylish design and homey atmosphere, most of them only a sandy dune from the sea.

Restaurants for all tastes
Four restaurants with taste sensations that’s music for your taste-buds. But will it be a magnificent symphony or hot rock’n’roll today?