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Huilo Huilo Wellness & Soa Resorts, Chile

Huilo Huilo Wellness & Soa Resorts, Chile

Wellness Resorts
  • Huilo Huilo Reserva Biológica, Neltume, Panguipulli, Chile

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  • Spa
  • Wellness
  • Yoga


Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈwilo ˈwilo] About this soundaudio (help·info), Pronounced: /ˈwiːloʊ ˈwiːloʊ/ WEEL-oh-WEEL-oh) is a private for profit natural reserve and ecotourism project in southern Chile. The reserve was created in 1999 and includes 600 km2 (232 sq mi) of native forest in Chile dedicated to wildlife conservation and tourism. The reserve is owned by the businessman Víctor Petermann who bought it in the 1990s, and was prior to the land sellings of the late Pinochet dictatorship part of Complejo Forestal y Maderero Panguipulli.

The reserve has a number of unique hotels, including Montana Mágica, the Nothofagus hotel, cabins, and a lodge for backpackers. The grounds also include a brewery, various animal habitats, a funicular, and many miles of trails. The reserve includes many waterfalls and the eastern slopes of Mocho-Choshuenco, a glacial compound stratovolcano. The nearest town to Huilo-Huilo is Neltume, the site of a 1981 violent episode between members of MIR, and members of the military dictatorship in Chile .