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KALARI KOVILAKOM, Ayurveda hospital for curative treatments, Kerala

KALARI KOVILAKOM, Ayurveda hospital for curative treatments, Kerala

Wellness Resorts
  • Kalari Kovilakom, CGH Earth Ayurveda hospital, Palakkad, Kerala, India


  • Ayurvedic
  • Spa
  • Wellness
  • Yoga


Mindfulness, awareness, a therapeutic engagement of the senses and an inward integration of the body, mind and spirit. All these and more aspects of the Ayurvedic healing process are what one gains at Kalari Kovilakom. In an ethos where the best of tradition spills over to all aspects of living and an ambience where history and culture are a throbbing, living presence, Ayurveda in Kalari Kovilakom, offered by the CGH Earth Group and certified and accredited by the NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers), is an experiential definition of the traditional standards and values of this system of healing.

Located near Kollangode in the Palghat District of North Kerala, India, and fringed on one side by the majestic Western Ghat mountain ranges, Kalari Kovilakom the 200 year old palace, is where history meets natural tranquility. Belonging to the Vengunad chieftains, direct descendants of Prince Dharmavar- man, the Kalari Kovilakom Palace was originally surrounded by land rich with Venga trees that have healing properties. The place naturally caught the attention of prince Dharmavarman, who turned it into a kingdom. Dharmavarman is believed to have come to Kollangode to seek healing for a serious skin ailment. The fresh spring waters and the mountain air cured him. Later his grandson Vira Ravi is said to have inherited the land and begun the legacy of Kalari Kovilakom. According to history scholars, when the Zamorins of Cali- cut established their powers over the Vengunad kingdom, one of their own family members took over the reins there and is believed to have brought with him a lamp or’villakku’ which was passed down the generations and worshiped as Goddess ‘Bhagavathy’.