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Wellness Resorts
  • Himachal Pradesh, India

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Kaya means BODY while meaning of Kalp is TRANSFORMATION, collectively KAYAKALP means Transformation of the Body. We at Kayakalp believe that just treating the body is not complete health care as long as mind and soul are not in absolute synchrony. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation serving health since 2005. Kayakalp is a dream of bringing all the compatible forms of alternative systems of healing under one roof in view of their authentic and effective practice. We are committed to spread awareness about Nature Cure, Ayurveda, Panchkarma, Yoga, and Physiotherapy. Kayakalp sets up a benchmark for alternative system of medicines by constant authentic practices of Ayurveda and Nature Cure clubbed with Yoga in the lap of nature blessed by snow clad Dhauladhar Range of the mighty Himalayas. We offer you state of the art treatment facility for Nature Cure and Ayurveda. We provide individual attention to each and every client beyond any apprehensions. Our prime aim is to bring the best out of the drugless therapies. We have one of the best Physiotherapy units with most advanced equipment to restore body movements. We understand that physical treatments of the body have minimum result unless mind is restless. Keeping in view we provide you a dedicated meditation hall with a facility of individual meditation unit. You can rest your mind not only in guided sessions but also your spiritual quest may end sitting under the mighty pine trees which we offer you as a part of open meditation in the lap of mother nature. Panchkarma, Nature Cure, Yoga, Meditation and Physiotherapy is just the right blend we offer for bringing back the balance of Body, Mind and Soul.