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Marbella Club, Golf & Spa Resort

Marbella Club, Golf & Spa Resort

Wellness Resorts
  • Bulevard Principe Alfonso von Hohenlohe Marbella, Spain

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  • Spa
  • Wellness
  • Yoga


Year after year, Marbella Club has hosted grand events and celebrations. It has adapted to changes brought about by the inevitable passage of time, to the point where it is about to celebrate its diamond anniversary.

In 2014, the hotel proudly celebrates its 60th birthday. With a plethora of tales and anecdotes which have been recorded through time in print, there was no better way of paying tribute to the magnificent years gone by than by showcasing 6 decades of hotel life in a book.

With the invaluable help of Conde Rudi, in September 2014 "Marbella Club, 60 years of history" was launched. This book was written with the love and respect deserved of all the people who have enjoyed a magnificent time with us, as well as those whose hard work and dedication make it possible for there to be many more pages yet to be written in the legacy of this outstanding hotel.