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Ramada Best Spa Resorts, Kochi

Ramada Best Spa Resorts, Kochi

Wellness Resorts
  • P V Sreedharan Road, Kumbalam Ernakulam, Kerala 682506 India

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  • Spa
  • Wellness
  • Yoga


Ramada Resort, a great base to explore exotic flora and fauna, enjoy breathtaking views and embark on excursions and nature trails. Facing towards stunning Vembanadu Lake and enveloped in abundant nature, the Ramada Resort is the one of the perfect choices for an ecofriendly resort. Spread over a huge area this resort has alluring cottages that offer a green and rustic stay to the visitors. From nature walks to long excursions, this resort is the perfect base for your exploration of wilderness.

An eco-friendly resort that strikes the right balance of your mind, body and soul without disturbing the rhythm of nature.Great amenities that include spa therapies, yoga and meditation sessions that will clear up your inner being and elevate your sense of happiness. Set in close proximity of nature, this resort is a great pick if you want a refreshing change to your otherwise urban vacations. Ramada Resort exudes the charm of Kerala’s true heritage while offering a complete range of New Age amenities for a luxuriously comfortable stay.

For most of us, an ecofriendly resort would be defined an accommodation that is built in the middle of forests or some pristine natural surroundings. However, there is certainly more to it than meets the eye. The concept means a living space that tries to minimize its impact upon the environment for which it resorts to practices that are ecofriendly and cause minimum destruction to Mother Nature. Following the mantra of green living, the Ramada Resort offers an exquisite cozy space to the visitors for a life changing experience and an understanding of creative practices to be treaded upon. One of Synthite’s esteemed hospitality projects, an experience at Ramada Resort is unforgettable, and one that will rest your body and delight your senses. Set amidst eight sprawling acres of masterfully crafted landscapes, the Ramada Resort offers a host of fabulous features by preserving the Mother Nature.