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Sky Ting Yoga Retreat, Maderas

Sky Ting Yoga Retreat, Maderas

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SKY TING is a blended term; it's a mix of English and your choice of either Chinese or Jamaican. In Chinese, Ting refers to a place, or a space, so SKY TING would roughly mean the heavens or the sky space. In Jamaican patois, Ting means Thing, so a SKY TING would be something like a celestial body, an object. A SKY TING might be a bird, a plane, satellite- or something more ethereal like the planets, stars or space dust. At SKY TING, we think of the term as also representing divine inspiration, the creative seed of life and consciousness.

All styles of yoga have something important to offer and we borrow from them all! Cross-pollinating yogic material allows us to create something wholly new yet refined with rich substance and history. We believe that braiding a diverse pool of influences helps us create the strongest possible offering for the physical, emotional and cultural health and well being of our community. The primary traditions we study and borrow from are Katonah Yoga®, Taoist, Hatha and Vinyasa, as well as several different meditation and breathing practices. In addition, since we are fortunate to have such a high caliber of teachers at SKY TING, we encourage them to instruct the blend of material in which they most identify and believe, rather than sticking to a prescribed generic curriculum. We feel this direction helps create the most passionate, responsive and nurturing learning experience for our students. It also allows our students to try out our different teachers for various tastes of yogic influences, so they can regularly practice with the teacher they find they align with best and then switch when it is time for some variety.