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The Mandala

The Mandala

Wellness Resorts
  • Goa, India

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  • Spa
  • Wellness
  • Yoga


We are in the middle of lush Goan nature. You may find here often a lone frog bathing in a flower pond or sitting on your writing desk gazing at you contemplatively and you may find massive butterflies the size of your hands. There are numerous colorful birds,  a handful of big bumble bees stopping at flowers for nectar in the early mornings and a few pretty geckos to eat away all the bugs. Sometimes it takes a moment to adjust to living in close proximity to the jungle, so if you've come straight from the city...have a little patience with our natural companions, they mean no harm.  We also have two friendly dogs, Masala and Zen and two incredible cats : Didi, the adventurous one and Rani, the cuddly one.