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The Resort Aamby Valley City

The Resort Aamby Valley City

Wellness Resorts
  • Ambavane, Maharashtra, India


  • Spa
  • Wellness
  • Yoga


Nature is the biggest and the most bountiful luxury Aamby Valley City is blessed with. However, the charm of this hill city doesn’t just end here. In realizing a higher order living concept, Aamby Valley City offers a world of magnificence and modern conveniences. 
The City in itself is inspired by the best of the world, and you can experience slices of it in the way it is created. A hint of Swiss alpine living, a Balian waterfront, aristocratic English architecture, laid-back Spanish influences and the Royal Indian splendour - it’s like the whole world converging at one idyllic paradise. One that proudly lives up to the aspirational proposition ‘created for the love of life’.