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The Retreat Destination Detox Wellness Resort, Costa Rica

The Retreat Destination Detox Wellness Resort, Costa Rica

Wellness Resorts
  • Barrio Jesús de Atenas ​​Alajuela Province, Atenas Costa Rica

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  • Spa
  • Wellness
  • Yoga


Dreams really do come true, that’s what Diana Stobo, our founder and owner will tell you when you ask her why she chose this mountain and why she built The Retreat Costa Rica. Besides being a self-proclaimed spa junkie, detox diva, and ‘galactic hybrid’ (yes, that’s a thing) she is also a Dreamer. And for many years she dreamt of a place that people could come to feel their best, a place where they could surrender all that weighed them down and create a blank canvas in order to paint an image they wanted for themselves. It had to be a heavenly place, far away from the crowds, close to nature with no disturbances other than the sound of birds and water trickling. ​ ​ In 2001, Diana was falling ill with a myriad of health issues. She was taking medications to try and fix the problems, until one day she realized that the problem wasn’t fixable by medicine, she needed to change her way of life. By focusing on the foods she ate, her body movements, her emotional wellbeing and the calming of her mind, she was able to shift herself back to health. ​ Diana had transformed her life and began to help others transform theirs as well. Through her own healing, she studied, immersed herself in research, education, and trainings, learning many healing modalities and finding a simple pathway to feeling good. As a culinary expert, food became her primary source and to share her wisdom, Diana’s first book Get Naked Fast was born. The Retreat dream was out of reach until one day she found herself in an opportunity to buy a property site unseen. Everything in her bones told her to take the leap of faith and say “yes”. Not knowing what she was getting into, she arrived on the property three months after purchase and to her surprise, she saw before her what had been in her reoccurring dreams for over two years, a crystal mountain setting overlooking the valley to the coastline. Night after night, her dreams lead her through the organic gardens, lush landscapes, birds chirping, and sunsets. She dreamt of peace and tranquility. So, she did what any dreamer would do…. She waved her magic wand and created heaven on earth – The Retreat Costa Rica.